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A new series I am creating for students of ESL and or literature, introducing classic stories in a short machinima movie. They will mostly consist of key scenes from the book put into movie form and will occasionally introduce the author and the process which leads to the creation of the story.

This first one is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and contains the story of the genesis of the book and one key scene from the movie. In this case the scene of the Monsters awakening.

The links below will take you to PDF comic versions of the Monster’s Awakening scene from the movie and also a part of Victor’s story..

Delighted to say this was a Jury nominated film at Machinima Expo 6


Victor’s Story

I have recently started selling lessons and materials connected with my videos on the website TeachersPayTeachers. If you are interested in this lesson as an ESL or Social Studies resource, please view my store by clicking on the link below.

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