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This follows on soon after Hyde plunges into the Thames and the police end their search for the body. Life returns to normal for Utterson and Dr Jekyll……….or does it?

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Taking a while to complete part 5 of Jekyll and Hyde so I took some time off to play around with some old images from earlier episodes. This is a mini photo story made on Koinup. Please click on the image or link to see the story ; )

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At the end of the last episode, John Utterson together with Inspector Newcombe and his police sergeant find a hidden corridor down to a horrifying basement room. The continuation of the story has Hyde chased around the seedier parts of London until …… well, why don’t you watch the movie and find out 😉

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My second entry for the Koinup one minute movie contest.

What do you get if you take some creakingly old and corny jokes, a set of Victorian mods from the wonderful Squirrelygirl, some super acting talent from the world of American politics and a Director who spent his formative years watching Benny Hill programs….?

No, seriously,….. What do you get!?

Oh, well, go ahead and watch it then. Don’t say you haven’t been warned 🙂

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