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Third part of the ‘Lecher’ series. In this episode, Kenjiro Sato’s luck finally seems to be changing. He gets a call from someone who claims to have found his stolen wallet and the pickpockets and stalkers that have plagued his life seem to be a thing of the past as he finds himself having a night on the town with a beautiful young woman. Is all this too good to be true? Watch the movie and find out.

The fourth and last part of this story – ‘The Payback’ will be published soon.

A high res version of this video can be found by clicking on the ‘videos’ tab at the top of this page.

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The sequel to ‘The Lecher’. Kenjiro Sato’s bad day seems to be getting worse. Having been beaten up by a little old lady, had his wallet stolen and spent a fruitless morning at the police station, he now finds himself being followed by the stalker from hell.

The third and final part of this story, ‘The Honeytrap’, will hopefully be published sometime in early July.

A high resolution version of this can be downloaded by clicking on the ‘videos’ tab at the top of this site.

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