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This follows on soon after Hyde plunges into the Thames and the police end their search for the body. Life returns to normal for Utterson and Dr Jekyll……….or does it?


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At the end of the last episode, John Utterson together with Inspector Newcombe and his police sergeant find a hidden corridor down to a horrifying basement room. The continuation of the story has Hyde chased around the seedier parts of London until …… well, why don’t you watch the movie and find out 😉

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The politically incorrect Halloween version of the famous nursery rhyme.

Sing a song of suspense,
A bottle full of rye.
Four and twenty blackbirds,
Baked in a pie.
When the pie was opened,
The birds began to sing;
Wasn’t that an evil dish,
To set upon the king?

The king was in a panic now,
Shouting for his mummy;
…… etc.

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In this episode the manhunt for the evil Hyde begins. Utterson explores the back streets of 19th Century London in the company of Inspector Newcombe and Sergeant Bourne, and with a little help from the colorful character Molly.

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Renoir is a hereditary clown. His father, grandfather and generations before him were all Renoir the clown, famous in circuses throughout the land. he himself was brought up with custard pies for breakfast, lunch and tea so why is he about to get the boot for being the worst clown in living memory. He’d rather be himself. Today, he’s going to ditch the greasepaint, and wipe off the face forever….. However, he doesn’t realize ‘The Face’ has an existence of it’s own, powered by the vitality of every one of Renoir’s ancestors, and they have plans of their own……

Selected as a highlight at the 2010 Machinima Expo

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This will be the last of my experiments for a while in trying to get an income from ‘machinima’. It’s been fun and I’ve learned a lot, but the cheques have yet to roll in and I have bigger projects I want to get back to. 🙂

A short machinima video using part of the soundtrack from ‘The Passion of Saint Sebastian’ by Garrett Fisher. This second part will be submitted as an entry in the 2010 Armchair Internet Film Festival. The animation itself was made with Moviestorm.

The Passion of Saint Sebastian’ (soundtrack) by Garrett Fisher; music and words by Garrett Fisher & Ken Cerniglia; performed by Kathy Hanson & Maria Mannisto (vocalists), Greg Bagley (6 string fretted acoustic bass), Jack Quick (Slide Guitar) and Garrett Fisher (Indian harmonium). Submitted as part of the 2010 Armchair Internet Film Festival (www.armchairinternet.com | www.fisherensemble.org).

Selected for screening at the 2010 Machinima Expo

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The Indie Vote

One of a series of commercials entered into the Bigstar.tv commercial contest. In this 30 second machinima movie the president realizes he is losing the independents. What can he do? Call up Bigstar TV of course. The home of the Indie vote! This made it to the top ten with the final selection coming on March 15th.

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