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This follows on soon after Hyde plunges into the Thames and the police end their search for the body. Life returns to normal for Utterson and Dr Jekyll……….or does it?

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A one minute action short. Played around with this action scene I’ve had on my computer for a while. Started off with an idea that didn’t go anywhere, a bit like the guy in this movie ; )

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At the end of the last episode, John Utterson together with Inspector Newcombe and his police sergeant find a hidden corridor down to a horrifying basement room. The continuation of the story has Hyde chased around the seedier parts of London until …… well, why don’t you watch the movie and find out 😉

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The muse’s lair of golden dreams,
is barred to mortal man it seems.
By a long and awful winding stair,
that leads at last to nowhere.

This has been sitting on my computer for ages. I started playing around with it when Moviestorms gizmo thingy came out. Since then I’ve tweaked and turned and added to it, but I don’t seem to have the inspiration to make it into a full blown movie…., hence the poem 😉

This movie received the honor of a great review on the Moviestorm News Blog.

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Made for the Moviestorm gestures competition. Got third place 🙂

A true story with names and places changed to protect the innocent. In this case…. me!

This is a Moviestorm remake of a drawn animation movie I made several years ago. You can see the original here;


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Once more it’s the season of jollity and goodwill to all men. But what does the word ‘Christmas’ mean to you? Do you think of snow, warm fires and tables heaped with food? The faces of children and loved ones tearing open presents? Is the image one of kitch, 50’s style celebration with Bing Crosby crooning Silent Night? The warm myth of Santa and his sleigh visiting every good boy and girl? Scrooge and his redemption? Shopping till you drop? Or how about the origin of the celebration? The mystery of the virgin birth of Christ. The nativity, midnight mass and Christmas carols.

However and wherever you celebrate this season, a Happy Christmas to you all.

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The politically incorrect Halloween version of the famous nursery rhyme.

Sing a song of suspense,
A bottle full of rye.
Four and twenty blackbirds,
Baked in a pie.
When the pie was opened,
The birds began to sing;
Wasn’t that an evil dish,
To set upon the king?

The king was in a panic now,
Shouting for his mummy;
…… etc.

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