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This follows on soon after Hyde plunges into the Thames and the police end their search for the body. Life returns to normal for Utterson and Dr Jekyll……….or does it?


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Taking a while to complete part 5 of Jekyll and Hyde so I took some time off to play around with some old images from earlier episodes. This is a mini photo story made on Koinup. Please click on the image or link to see the story ; )

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At the end of the last episode, John Utterson together with Inspector Newcombe and his police sergeant find a hidden corridor down to a horrifying basement room. The continuation of the story has Hyde chased around the seedier parts of London until …… well, why don’t you watch the movie and find out 😉

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In this episode the manhunt for the evil Hyde begins. Utterson explores the back streets of 19th Century London in the company of Inspector Newcombe and Sergeant Bourne, and with a little help from the colorful character Molly.

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The long delayed second part to this series.

In this episode, Utterson tries to get to the bottom of Doctor Jekyll’s fascination for the evil Hyde who seems to be descending into insanity. Jekyll is more concerned about Hyde than his own safety and persuades a reluctant Utterson to support Hyde if he needs help. After a quiet but uneasy few months a terrible crime shocks the people of London….

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Although this movie is obviously not set in Tokyo, it’s made under the Tokyo Tales label. I’ve always wanted to try and make a traditional gothic horror movie on the MovieStorm platform, and this story seems to be the perfect fit. The film is also aimed at learners of English as a Foreign Language, and I will be working to make materials for it as soon as I can finish the series. There will be several parts to this which will be made into one movie when I’ve finished.

Purists will note that I have taken some artistic license with the original story – well doesn’t every movie ; )

In this, the first episode we have Dr Jekyll’s friend, the lawyer John Utterson, meet the evil Hyde for the first time.

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