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A short machinima video using part of the soundtrack from ‘The Passion of Saint Sebastian’ by Garrett Fisher. This first part will be submitted as an entry in the 2010 Armchair Internet Film Festival. The animation itself was made with Moviestorm.

The Passion of Saint Sebastian’ (soundtrack) by Garrett Fisher; music and words by Garrett Fisher & Ken Cerniglia; performed by Kathy Hanson & Maria Mannisto (vocalists), Greg Bagley (6 string fretted acoustic bass), Jack Quick (Slide Guitar) and Garrett Fisher (Indian harmonium). Submitted as part of the 2010 Armchair Internet Film Festival (www.armchairinternet.com | http://www.fisherensemble.org).

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In the present climate of avian and pig flu, SARS and other contagious diseases, what happens when someone coughs on a crowded train? Especially in hygiene conscious Japan, where the toilet seats have automatic plastic covers and even the escalator rails are anti bacterial. Wash your hands and put on your masks. It won’t do you any good this time, but enjoy the ride!

Invited entrant to the short film section of the first Cinemanila Machinima Festival

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This is not strictly a Tokyo Tales movie though it is meant to be set in Japan. It is my first attempt at using the Movie Storm software to make a film. It is a short disaster movie with a public health warning at the end. Some of the characters in this will be appearing in my upcoming movie ‘The Recluse’.

This was one of the (10!?) winners in the Movie Storm 30 second film competition.

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The sequel to ‘The Lecher’. Kenjiro Sato’s bad day seems to be getting worse. Having been beaten up by a little old lady, had his wallet stolen and spent a fruitless morning at the police station, he now finds himself being followed by the stalker from hell.

The third and final part of this story, ‘The Honeytrap’, will hopefully be published sometime in early July.

A high resolution version of this can be downloaded by clicking on the ‘videos’ tab at the top of this site.

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Welcome to Tokyo Tales.

I am still working on this blog, but it is intended to showcase my machinima movies. In particular the new series I am creating which will consist of a series of short movies made using the Sims2 game engine. The first of these – The Lecher – is made and you can find a link to a low resolution version by clicking on the picture at the top of this post. The high res version can be downloaded by clicking on the ‘video‘ tag at the top of this page.

This movie took second place in the Best Film and Best Series sections of the Online Machinima Film Festival 2009

Thank you for coming to this site and watching my movies.


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