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In this episode the manhunt for the evil Hyde begins. Utterson explores the back streets of 19th Century London in the company of Inspector Newcombe and Sergeant Bourne, and with a little help from the colorful character Molly.

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Renoir is a hereditary clown. His father, grandfather and generations before him were all Renoir the clown, famous in circuses throughout the land. he himself was brought up with custard pies for breakfast, lunch and tea so why is he about to get the boot for being the worst clown in living memory. He’d rather be himself. Today, he’s going to ditch the greasepaint, and wipe off the face forever….. However, he doesn’t realize ‘The Face’ has an existence of it’s own, powered by the vitality of every one of Renoir’s ancestors, and they have plans of their own……

Selected as a highlight at the 2010 Machinima Expo

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My second entry for the Koinup one minute movie contest.

What do you get if you take some creakingly old and corny jokes, a set of Victorian mods from the wonderful Squirrelygirl, some super acting talent from the world of American politics and a Director who spent his formative years watching Benny Hill programs….?

No, seriously,….. What do you get!?

Oh, well, go ahead and watch it then. Don’t say you haven’t been warned 🙂

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This was made for the Koinup and Moviestorm 1 Minute Machinima contest. But, to be honest it was all a bit of an accident (and I will stick to my story!). Originally, I was just messing around trying to create a water scene in Moviestorm when I had the bright idea for this story. 24 hours later, voila! My entry for the competition. Fastest machinima movie I’ve ever made. And in case you’re wondering, sadly, I almost never have dreams like this……… almost.. 😉

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The long delayed second part to this series.

In this episode, Utterson tries to get to the bottom of Doctor Jekyll’s fascination for the evil Hyde who seems to be descending into insanity. Jekyll is more concerned about Hyde than his own safety and persuades a reluctant Utterson to support Hyde if he needs help. After a quiet but uneasy few months a terrible crime shocks the people of London….

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My own slant on the classic tale of The Little Matchstick Girl.

In this story our heroine goes through the usual trials and tribulations but without the happy(?) ending. She comes back as the pyromaniac wraith from hell and dishes out retribution to all and sundry.

A Happy New Year to all.

Selected for screening at the 2010 Machinima Expo

Won third prize at the 2011 Harb 40 Passion Competition 🙂

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Although this movie is obviously not set in Tokyo, it’s made under the Tokyo Tales label. I’ve always wanted to try and make a traditional gothic horror movie on the MovieStorm platform, and this story seems to be the perfect fit. The film is also aimed at learners of English as a Foreign Language, and I will be working to make materials for it as soon as I can finish the series. There will be several parts to this which will be made into one movie when I’ve finished.

Purists will note that I have taken some artistic license with the original story – well doesn’t every movie ; )

In this, the first episode we have Dr Jekyll’s friend, the lawyer John Utterson, meet the evil Hyde for the first time.

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